Automatic Pool Cleaners

The automatic pool cleaner is a device that leapt right into the hearts of pool owners. In a genesis similar to that of human air flight, engineers and inventors have produced gadgets of fancy in the hopes of finding one that will fly. Several have achieved wide-spread use and acceptance by consumers and the service industry.

Suction Side Cleaners: All Pool Types

It’s good to start with a basic understanding of automatic pool cleaners. Here are the two types:


As the name suggests, suction cleaners connect to the pool’s suction line. The suction side/line refers to the pipes and fittings that bring water out of the pool to be filtered; that water which is being “sucked” out of the pool by the filter pump. These cleaners often are good for medium to small types of debris.


Robotic cleaners work independently from the filter and pump and are driven by an electric motor inside the unit. They are self-contained, collecting debris in a bag or cartridge within the cleaner. Robotic pool cleaners have built-in intelligence that ensures they don’t get stuck in corners and on steps and provide better coverage than alternative cleaners. Robotic cleaners tend to work well for fine to medium-sized debris.

These descriptions are general, so some additional questions to ask yourself while you’re shopping for a new cleaner include:

What would you like your cleaner to do that it’s not doing now?

The answer to this question tells you a lot. For example, if your wish for your cleaner is to not give it so much attention, this tells you you’re looking for a cleaner that’s lower maintenance. Ask your local pool shop to point these models out to you.

What kind of debris do you typically have in your pool? This is a great question to assess what type of cleaner works best for the debris that collects in your pool. Your local pool shop will be able to point you in the right direction.

Do you require a cleaner with some intelligence in it? Then you would be looking for a mechanical or robotic cleaner. Your pool shop will be able to assist you here as well.

When it comes to cleaners, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. But asking these types of questions are a great start to finding the cleaner that works best for you.

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