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Chopper Gun vs. Hand Laminated Fibreglass Pools: A Comprehensive Comparison

The debate about the manufacturing process that yields a better-quality fibreglass pool has been ongoing for years. Two methods, hand lamination and chopper gun application, have been extensively used in the industry. But, which one is the superior option? Let’s take a closer look.

Stellenbosch University conducted a test comparing the two manufacturing processes of fibreglass swimming pools. The chopper gun application method was pitted against the traditional hand lamination method. The test concluded that the chopper gun sample had a lower average porosity, while the hand lamination method had a higher average porosity with larger pores.

Advance Pools Gauteng, a leading pool manufacturer in South Africa, uses the latest and most modern fibreglass chopper gun application equipment. The main advantage of the chopper gun process is that it allows for precise control over mixtures and application, compared to hand lamination. The chopper gun process also allows for a higher glass strand percentage, whereas hand lamination requires a higher resin content to saturate the glass mat.

Hand lamination is much more labour-intensive, utilizing cheap and unskilled labour, and as a result, attention to detail is greatly compromised. Modern fibreglass application equipment is used by the world’s leading swimming pool, boat, and yacht manufacturers.

Some competitors claim that using modern fibreglass application equipment is cheaper, but they fail to mention that they are either not willing or able to invest in such equipment and higher wages for skilled operators. One must question if these compromises are made at the expense of the pool’s structure and integrity for the sake of greater profit.

At Advance Pools Gauteng, we prioritize job creation and upliftment of our people. We continuously invest in staff training and education to ensure that our customers receive a technologically advanced product that is superior in quality. We do not believe in compromising on quality for the sake of profit.

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